Commuter Rail Services

HPI is a leader in the design, development and supply of diesel locomotive systems for the commuter rail industry throughout North America. HPI personnel have years of experience partnering with virtually all of the Commuter Authorities.

Our team is capable of complying with locomotive-rebuilding specifications from a straightforward rebuild to a demanding complete re-manufacturing from the platform up. Additionally, we have the ability to analyze the agency’s duty cycle and operating environment to determine the proper engine for each specific repower application for either prime mover or head end power systems. With the enactment of the new stringent EPA regulations governing these systems, our goal is to provide the most environmentally friendly package available, while taking into account the unique design parameters necessary for the harsh environment of a passenger locomotive.

Just some of the the major equipment our team specializes in are:

  • EMD F 40, 59 and GP40PH series locomotives
  • GE P 32, 40, and 42 series locomotives
  • MP 32, 36, and 40 series locomotives

Head End Power (HEP)

For decades, Higher Power Industries has lead the industry in the planning, development, and supply of diesel power generating systems throughout North America.

Because Higher Power Industries has focused on providing Head End Power solutions to the commuter industry, we understand the requirements necessary for the specific customer application, including the proper selection of equipment, both primary and ancillary, appropriate maintenance practices and service support for these mission critical systems.

Higher Power Industries maintains excellent relationships with original equipment manufactures (OEM) for the major engine types utilized in Head End Power applications. We interface with the OEM engineering departments to determine the optimum engine, alternator and switchgear configuration for each specific customer application.

Our team is dedicated to providing the most environmentally compliant, cost effective and technologically sound packages available, taking into consideration the specific and unique design requisites necessary for the severe environment encountered in passenger locomotive applications as well as compliance to the recent, more stringent EPA Tier exhaust emissions regulations governing these HEP installations.


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Recent Projects

Here’s a quick look at some of HPI’s most recent commuter rail projects…

North Carolina Department of Transportation (NCDOT)

HPI is nearing completion as prime contractor for the overhaul of Seven (7) EMD F-59PH locomotives for NCDOT, with various upgrades to enhance reliability, emissions, and fuel efficiency. This project also required a re-power of the diesel HEP units including all necessary interface components for the diesel engine/alternator system change. The EMD 12-710 engines have been converted from MUI to EUI to improve the reliability and fuel consumption along with applying an anti-vibration modification for the engine crankshaft. The control system was upgraded to an enhanced microprocessor for improved adhesion, along with other energy improvements.


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HPI recently wrapped up the design, manufacture, modification and install of fifteen (15) New 425 kW  CAT C15 Head End Power (HEP) systems for Caltrain’s F40 locomotive fleet. Work included locomotive modification for increased airflow and control system modification. All work was performed on-site at the customer’s San Jose, CA facility.


caltrains f40
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