Commuter Rail Services

Higher Power Industries and our team of experienced associates have led the industry in the implementation of numerous successful Commuter Railroad projects and are leaders in the planning, development, and supply of diesel power generating systems throughout North America.

Because Higher Power Industries has focused on providing Head End Power solutions to the commuter industry, we understand the requirements necessary for the specific customer application, including the proper selection of equipment, both primary and ancillary, appropriate maintenance practices and service support for these mission critical systems.

Higher Power Industries maintains excellent relationships with original equipment manufactures (OEM) for the major engine types utilized in Head End Power applications. We interface with the OEM engineering departments to determine the optimum engine, alternator and switchgear configuration for each specific customer application.

Our team is dedicated to providing the most environmentally compliant, cost effective and technologically sound packages available, taking into consideration the specific and unique design requisites necessary for the severe environment encountered in passenger locomotive applications as well as compliance to the recent, more stringent EPA Tier exhaust emissions regulations governing these HEP installations.

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