Freight Rail Services

As a team of dedicated rail professionals we have performed locomotive freight projects for large leasing companies, regional railways, class ones and OEMs both stateside and internationally.We have experience with EMD, GE and Alco locomotives and our team is intimately familiar with the structural, the air systems, electrical systems, microprocessors and prime movers.

Just some of the the major equipment our team specializes in are:

  • EMD SW, MP, GP, and SD series locomotives
  • GE center cab (switcher), DASH 7, DASH 8, and DASH 9 DC series locomotives, as well as 44 AC locomotives

Whether your project involves converting a switcher to a remote control locomotive, upgrading to meet newer performance and emissions standards, or converting one of your tired locomotives to a road mate to double your slow speed pulling using a single power unit.

Let’s discuss your objectives and our commitment to helping you meet them. Our team will assemble a proposal to evaluate your objectives, create a specification that brings new technology to your locomotives, and integrate the components to provide you the tractive effort solutions that will provide the reliability, productivity and safety at a fraction of the costs of new.

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