Overhaul, Upgrade, and Repower Services

HPI’s services begin with the selection of a locomotive (hulk) with overhaul, upgrade, or repower potential. We then tailor the project to provide the latest technologies and reliability upgrades, while meeting our customer’s specifications and duty applications, in addition to industry and regional safety regulations. With a combined 200+ years of rail experience, we’ve acquired knowledge of all key locomotives, from GE to EMD, and their various subsystem models, from Cummins and CAT. This knowledge provides our customers with the confidence that a project of this magnitude is done right each and every time, with a quality end product in mind.

Benefits of our overhaul, upgrade, and repower services are vast, including the following:

  • Significant reduction in delivery schedule over new model (can be as much as half)
  • Reliability factored in the scope of work
  • Enhanced performance over OEM original design
  • Improved emissions, environmental standards
  • Significant cost savings over new model (can be as much as half)

Locomotive Overhaul and Upgrade

HPI’s overhaul and upgrade services provide the opportunity to extend the life of a valuable asset for another 15-20 years at a fraction of the cost over new, while incorporating the latest in technologies and bringing the asset to current standards. These overhauls can range from in-car body top decks, to complete strip and re-manufacture.

Locomotive Repower

HPI brings a cost-effective and performance enhanced solution with various options in the offering of medium and high RPM engines coupled with microprocessor, propulsion, cooling, braking, emission, and fuel saving upgrades.

As with any other industry, rail is ever-changing. We, at HPI, are pleased to offer a new, innovative area of repower potential, with the integration of fuel alternatives. HPI offers services to convert diesel locomotives to LNG and CNG fuel systems. This new wave of technology allows for dramatic emissions reductions, as well as fuel savings.

Contact us today to discuss our overhaul, upgrade, or repower systems and what it means for your bottom line!