Our People



In 2013, Anna Battista and Warren Azzara founded HPI, with a vision to provide commuter and freight rail services, both domestically and internationally. The company has expanded its service offering to adapt to changing rail needs, providing growth and innovation. Since its inception, the company has gained strength through the team’s combined industry experience and reputation for success.



Anna Battista, a native New Yorker, began her career with Cummins Engine as inside sales support for power generation. She quickly advanced through the sales ranks to successfully manage the Cummins/Onan dealer network for the New York tri-state market.

20 years ago, Anna and Warren Azzara co-founded Transportation Technology, Inc. (TTI) and its power generation division, Power Performance Industries (PPI), to provide transportation equipment and emergency power generation services. As president, Anna led the company through start-up to a major Commuter, Freight and International rail supplier.

Anna also led Power Performance Industries, a division of TTI, to become a major force in emergency power gen service, sales and contract maintenance in the New York metropolitan area. Understanding that the commercial market is key to continuing profitability, she successfully grew this business to become a major force in the marketplace.

At the helm of HPI’s success is Anna’s affinity for building strong relationships with suppliers, customers, and employees. Her belief and understanding that these relationships are crucial in business is admired throughout the Industry, where she is respected as a strong, fair leader.



Warren hails from Yonkers, New York and worked for the Cummins Engine family for fifteen years. Beginning with diesel engine sales and progressing to power generation sales engineer, he soon found his passion working with the Commuter railroads throughout the US. The relationships that he formed during this period helped propel him throughout his career.

Nearly 20 years ago, Warren co-founded Transportation Technology, Inc. (TTI) and its power generation division, Power Performance Industries, with Anna DiBello Battista, marketing railroad power equipment and developing emergency power generation sales, service and contract maintenance. While at TTI, he continued working with Commuter Authorities designing and supplying diesel Head End Power (HEP) systems. Introducing new smarter, environmentally friendly designs, he was instrumental in the introduction of Caterpillar engines in HEP systems in the US.

He continued his work within the HEP market and soon began to focus on the locomotive as a whole. A firm believer in the team concept, he has always understood that, with the right partners any project is possible, regardless of magnitude or schedule challenges. TTI managed large, complex locomotive overhaul projects for various Commuter Authorities throughout the US.  This experience led to further international projects, modifying high-horsepower locomotives for use in the Pilbara region of Australia, successfully hauling the world’s longest and heaviest trains.

Warren’s vast knowledge of Head End Power and eagerness to take on locomotive repower, overhaul, and rebuild projects have contributed to a clear, definitive direction and vision for HPI.



Gary Walsh offers 43 years of rail industry experience and accomplishments, working with both OEM and Aftermarket companies. These positions included roles within Business Development, Marketing, Sales, Material Management and Engineering, all of which had increasing levels of responsibility and challenges within the Transportation Industry. His leadership skills, industry experience, and relationships are a contributing factor to the company successes in new start-up ventures.

In 1974, Gary began his rail career at General Electric Transportation Systems. Over 20 years, he held various positions in the areas of Materials Management, Renewal Parts Services, Configuration Control, and Mechanical Design Engineering. He participated in various training programs, providing a strong foundation for advancement both within GE and his career as a whole.

As Director of Corporate Purchasing for the MPI Corporation, Gary oversaw the requirements to centralize the MPI divisions, when 5 major acquisitions were executed within the organization. Gary developed a corporate consolidation of the procurement and materials management processes to reduce inventory costs.

Gary returned to GE to assume the role of Director of Marketing and Business Development for several years. During this time, Gary poised GETS for its entry into the EMD aftermarket business. The position required the development of a comprehensive business plan that defined resources and requirements to develop, manufacture, and market EMD parts and maintenance services. To accelerate the market entry, Gary identified strategic acquisitions, Joint ventures, and a Greenfield operation start-up.

Upon his second departure from GE, Gary joined Alstom Train Life Services, as Vice President North American Business Development & Marketing. This position was for a start-up business entry in Full Contract Maintenance Services for EMD and GE locomotive fleets within the United States and Canada. He was responsible for the marketing, sales, and profitability of awarded contracts. The division was successful in the award and execution of contracts with BNSF, CSX, KCS, and CPR with annual revenues of $105 million.

He then joined American Motive Power in Dansville, New York, where he was Vice President of Business Development. This position was part of a start-up of the AMP locomotive business, which required the development and execution of a Business and Marketing plan utilizing a freshly hired sales organization. AMP’s target market and successes were in areas of leasing firms, Class 1’s, Commuter, and Short Line Railroads. His work contributed to annual revenues of $20 million in EMD and GE locomotive overhauls.

Gary acted as Vice President of Marketing & Business Development for Transportation Technology, Inc. During this time, Gary utilized his personal experience to expand the company’s service offering to include locomotive overhaul, upgrade, repower, and renewal parts. He also expanded business to global markets, including Australia and South America.

He currently holds the position of Vice President of Marketing & Business Development for Higher Power Industries. Gary fulfills various critical responsibilities within the organization, including his role as commercial manager. Carrying with him his vast experience of freight and commuter rail, Gary continues to identify and develop locomotive overhaul, upgrade, repower, and renewal parts opportunities, both domestically and internationally.